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Leave Your Dog to the Hands of the Experts

Our goal is to make every dog owner happy by helping them build a better relationship and develop their friendship with their pet. Work with our personable trainers today!

Helping You Build a Strong and Lasting

Relationship With Your Pet

Our Mission

Our greatest goal at Pawfessional K9 Academy is to provide a safe and stress-free living environment for you and your dog(s). There are three core things that a dog needs: food, recreation, and companionship from both humans and fellow canines. We aim to work with clients in and around Long Island, New York through our methods of operant conditioning and skills and training experience.

Our team strives to meet your needs and develop the aspect of mutual respect between you and your pet. Thus, we offer personalized guidance to enhance your and your pets’ lives and improve your relationship and the quality of life you share.

It is imperative for us to show your dog the rules for living in a house with a human family and help you understand what the dog needs to be able to excel in this environment.

However, we also understand that not all the training in the world can take away the fact that your pup needs both mental and physical stimulation. We will help you understand and recognize these needs and the simple language that will be understood by both owner and dog. We will achieve all of this through our professional support and personalized one-on-one training.

Our Vision

Through the training we provide at “Pawfessional K9 Academy,” we work towards a world where people and their pets live together for the mutual benefit of each other. By functionally assessing the relationship between a problematic behavior and the dogs’ environment, we will effectively and efficiently change those unwanted behaviors while improving the relationship the owner has with their dog and their joint quality of life.

Meet Our Owner

Troy Lezama

Troy Lezama is the owner of Pawfessional K9 Academy, which he started out of his love for dogs and training them. He is a seasoned Certified Dog Trainer with satisfied clients for over 20 years, resulting from his vision of uniting owners and dogs in enjoying a wonderful life together. Troy’s mission is to work towards a world where people and their pets live together to their mutual benefit.

He is highly successful in implementing his improved business direction and achieving his clients’ goals due to his dedication to change and optimize procedures while utilizing a well-accomplished network.

Presently, his certification has enabled him to be recognized and valued as a Credible and Trusted Dog Trainer with a high success rate in his methods and techniques, fine-tuned by 20 years of personal hands-on training.

He has continued dedication in providing top-quality training not only to dog owners—his notoriety has enabled him to be recruited by the Police K9 Team for his expertise in Canine Training. This includes, but not limited to, Behavior Modification Specialist, Police K9 Instructor, and Search and Rescue Dog Trainer.

Troy also executes and manages explosives and narcotics detection programs. He is focused on providing the highest quality of detection canine programs, as well as the best working canine teams.

His success with his clients is based on his personable relationship with both humans and dogs. Troy’s passion for this accomplishment is based on his innate ability to comprehend the needs of the canine.

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